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Yelverton Sessions


The Underwood Institute is involved with an irregular research retreat, the Yelverton Sessions. Like many retreats, it involves both sustained time devoted to advancing research as well as visiting cultural or natural heritage sites for inspiration, reflection, and learning, usually held in conjunction with an academic conference. The Yelverton Sessions derives its name from the third meeting, in Devon, England, and is invite-only.

  • Yelverton Twelve, Stockholm, Sweden (Media Frictions 2024).
  • Yelverton Eleven, Montreal and Toronto, Canada (ICA 2023).
  • Yelverton Ten, Strasbourg, France (ICA 2022).
  • Yelverton Nine, Haifa, Israel (between ICA 2020 and DiGRA 2020). CANCELLED due to the coronavirus global pandemic.
  • Yelverton Eight, New York City (ICA 2019).
  • Yelverton Seven, Santa Cruz, California (CSCW 2016).
  • Yelverton Six, Austin, Texas (2016).
  • Yelverton Five, Hong Kong (WUN Understanding Global Digital Cultures 2015).
  • Yelverton Four, Bainbridge, Washington (ICA 2014).
  • Yelverton Three, Devon, England (ICA 2013).
  • Yelverton Two, Flagstaff, Arizona and The Grand Canyon (ICA 2012).
  • Yelverton One, Bangor, Maine and Fredericton, Canada (ICA 2011).